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The Fighting Graves eBook

The Fighting Graves eBook

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A step by step guide for reversing Graves Disease naturally 

An easy to follow step by step guide.

The Fighting Graves eBook contains a program to follow over 12 weeks, designed to stop your immune system from attacking your thyroid – the cause of Graves Disease. 

A complete diet and meal plan to transform your gut health.

Around 60% of our immune system is located in the gut. The program steps you through a complete diet and meal plan that transforms your gut health. You may have read about the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet, as well as foods to eat and foods to avoid. This is important, but you need to do much more than this: a full gut health rest, reset, repair and restore protocol is required. The eBook contains a full 12 week meal plan, across five separate phases and includes all recipes.

A complete natural treatment plan.

The program steps you through a complete natural treatment plan that covers the most researched and studied factors and actions that you can take now to calm your out-of-control immune system. Over 70 actionable recommendations for you are made across five separate focus areas. 

Research based.

There is a huge amount of emerging science on calming the immune system and going into remission - this is what the program is all about. It is based on the latest evidence and research from Graves and many other autoimmune diseases, controlled studies and documented results amongst Graves and other autoimmune patients. 

Money back guarantee.

I believe that my program is the most well researched, comprehensive and simple to follow resource available for treating the root cause of Graves’ disease - an out-of-control immune system. I believe so strongly in this on the basis of my own experience and that of hundreds of fellow Graves patients who have used it, that I offer a money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of my guide, just email me within 7 days of purchase for a full refund.

Created by a patient, for patients.

It was written by me, a Graves patient who successfully achieved remission. It documents what I learned and did to go into remission, in a simple way without the quackery which is so common in natural and alternative treatment literature, which I found incredibly annoying when I was just looking for facts and evidence. 

Yours in seconds.

The eBook comes in a PDF format that is yours for life. It is 154 pages long, including all recipes. You will be instantly emailed the PDF when you purchase.

What other patients are saying:

Thank you so much for creating this guide. It has changed my life, I was diagnosed with Graves six months ago, and thought i would be on medicines for the rest of my life. I was smart enough to get your guide and follow it religiously. Today I got my lab results back and my hormone levels are back to normal. I cannot thank you enough. Also, your recipes are delicious!

Jolene, San Francisco, USA

Wanted to share good news with you. I have been off meds since December. My latest test for antibodies didn’t find any – I am now in remission. I am a Doctor and your program has completely changed how I treat my patients. Thanks a million.

Sean, New Jersey, USA

Hello, Stacey! Hope you're doing well. I have completed the 12 weeks remission program successfully. After 3 months, now my levels are in the normal range. After 3 years this is such a huge leap for me. I just can't express through words how happy and relieved my entire family and I feel. Thank you so much for writing this book. You've inspired me and helped me find a clear way out of this mess. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Amy, Sydney, Australia 

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